Foods I Eat To Keep Me Running

runners.jpgFor a good runner, health is very important and it depends greatly on the type of food he or she consumes every day.

Because runners need a lot of energy in order to keep up with the strenuous running efforts, many of them prefer protein bars and juices that contain a high level of calcium. It is highly important to know, though, that nature is the best source of nutrients and vitamins required for this sport.

1.    Seeds
The seeds or the seed-based foods represent real health boosters, as they contain the necessary nutrients, proteins and fats to grow a plant. Many of them contain bioactive substances that translate into antioxidants. Seed consumption is likely to prevent diabetes and cancer, lower the cholesterol level s and maintain a normal body weight.

2.    Colorful fruits and vegetables
You might know by now that fruits and vegetables are healthy for our body, as they contain a great quantity of vitamins, minerals and carbs that act like a real fuel for running. What you may not know is that their color influences our health as well. For example, anthocyanin, a very powerful antioxidant, is what makes the pomegranates red, while the beta-carotene is what gives the orange color to the sweet potatoes. Color your diet and you will improve your health and get the optimum energy for running!
3.    Dairy products
If you consume dairy products, you not only strengthen your body but you offer it the necessary amount of proteins and live bacteria which fortify your immune system.

4.    Cold water food
Runners definitely need the combination of nutrients, omega-3 fats and other minerals found in fish and sea food. What runners should also know is that the omega-3 has anti-inflammatory effects, which can really help in cases of sore muscles.

5.    Meat
Although there are more and more vegetarians nowadays, a complete and balanced diet for a runner will always contain lean meat, as it offers the necessary minerals to build a powerful immune system and lower the blood pressure.
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